Toronto Small Business Marketing

Walden does work for many large recognizable brands, such as Air Canada, Cuisinart, RBC, Crystal Head Vodka, George Brown College, and Newman’s Own. But we’re equally proud of the thousands of small companies we’ve helped thrive.

Different size = Different strategy

In many ways, the strategy for marketing a small business is substantially different than that used for marketing a large corporation. There just isn’t money in the budget for expensive consultants, extensive competition research, focus groups, A/B message testing, or mainstream advertising. Yet, if your small enterprise can’t be found, or doesn’t appear just as professional as your larger competitors, you’ll have a hard time finding and retaining customers.

That’s where we come in.

Benefit from our experience

Since 2000, Walden has helped over 2500 Toronto small businesses grow their companies with affordable branding, marketing materials, techniques to increase Google visibility, smart online advertising campaigns, and targeted promotions. Through our extensive experience with a wide variety of manufacturing companies, retail stores, service businesses, and professional firms, we already know firsthand what marketing efforts are most likely to have the highest return on investment for your venture.

Of course, your business is unique, so we’ll start with a consultation in our office to fully understand your products and services, expected target market, skills and resources. Then we’ll create a strategy for growing your business within your budget. Best of all, the consultation is free.

Plan the work, then work the plan

You know your company needs a realistic strategic plan and a company you can trust to execute it. Ready to benefit from our vast small business experience and modest rates? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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