Logo Design Toronto

Your logo is the face of your company. It’s the introduction that connects you to potential customers, by building trust and communicating the professionalism of your products or services. So the development of your business identity requires a skilled designer.

Experienced logo designers

At Walden, we’ve literally designed thousands of visually compelling logos for Toronto small businesses. We create logos in a wide range of styles – from text-only wordmarks to illustrated cartoon mascots – and for every kind of product and service.

Have a rough sketch of what you want? We can professionally render your idea to show its full potential. Or want to choose from a variety of great logo concepts? You’ve come to the right place!

Affordable logo design

Large advertising agencies charge thousands of dollars for the quality of design work we provide. We know small businesses can’t afford that, so our rates are modest – starting at just $345 for wordmark logos. The process begins with a free consultation in our office to discuss your business, your target market, how the logo will be used, colours and imagery to consider or avoid, and other factors that may affect the logo design. Then, typically within five business days, we’ll supply the completed options. So let’s get started! Contact us to schedule a free consultation.