We Have the BEST Clients!

2500 +

Even if you haven’t heard of Walden, you’ve likely purchased packages we designed at Costco or Loblaws, easily navigated a website we created, found a desired service online because of our search engine optimization expertise, picked up a brochure we photographed, or driven past a bus shelter ad we produced. That’s because since 2000, we’ve helped over 2500 Toronto businesses with a wide variety of marketing efforts.

We work with companies of all sizes. Some you may recognize, like Newman’s Own, Cuisinart, RBC, Air Canada, the Canadian Professional Sales Association, and George Brown College.

Small business marketing

But most of our clients started as small businesses – many who have worked with us for over a decade.

Why small business? Because we’ve been there. We know firsthand how tough it can be for an entrepreneur to get a big impact from a limited budget, and we want to help. And, truth be told, we get a lot of joy from seeing our clients’ businesses prosper, knowing we are an essential partner in their growth.

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