Composite Photography

Walden layers photos (often merging original photographs with stock images) to create the marketing images you need on a budget.

What are Composite Photos?

Composite photos are the result of two or more different images being combined (composited) to create something new. The components could be original photos, illustrations, renderings, or stock pictures.

Need an image of your brand new product in use, even before full production begins? We’ll render your label from the artwork, then expertly wrap it onto a photo of your packaging. To complete the effect, we’ll then digitally insert your product into a stock photo environment, like a family kitchen.

Composite Images: The Affordable Solution

Hiring models and locations for photo shoots can get expensive. Luckily, with composite photography we can often create the perfect image at a much lower cost. We start by choosing the best stock image for the base layer. Then we photograph your product using the same lighting conditions, depth-of-field and camera angle as the stock image. Finally, both are expertly combined for a seamless illusion – just like how “green screen” or “chroma key” effects are done in the movies!

See some examples below, then set up a free consultation to learn more.