Toronto Illustrators

The talented illustrators at Walden work in a wide variety of styles to best connect with your target audience.

All types of illustrations

Our illustrators are often called upon to bring concepts to life, whether that means designing unique icons, presenting data in a visually arresting way, or creating original drawings of people and mascots for websites, brochures and other promotional materials.

Custom illustrations can also be extremely useful for step-by-step instructions on packaging and training materials. If an image would help communicate the idea, and a photograph isn’t possible or practical, our illustrators will make it happen!

Illustrations for clarity or style

Sometimes a photograph could work, but an illustration is ideal because extraneous detail can be more easily omitted, allowing the viewer to focus on a specific point of interest. Other times, an illustration is preferred to set a unique style. For example, cartoons or realistic illustrations of company leaders can breathe interest into a corporate newsletter.

Whatever your needs, contact us to arrange a free in-person or Zoom consultation and see what we can draw for you!