Toronto Fashion Photographer

Walden provides stylish and affordable fashion photography in our Queen Street studio, or on location.

Fashion photography: whatever you need

The fashion photographers at Walden work in a wide range of styles to create compelling marketing images.

Want a clean, simple catalog photo of your clothing or accessories? We can shoot items flat, on models or mannequins, or using popular “ghost photography” techniques (making your items appear fully dimensional, like they are being worn, although no models or mannequins are seen).

Prefer a more atmospheric setting to create an original look for your brand? No problem. We can use dramatic lighting, striking models, and art-directed settings to ensure your images make a statement.

Get the picture?

Our large downtown Toronto studio is perfect for fashion photography, but we’re also packed and ready to go if the ideal setting is the beach, a garden, or a hip urban landscape. And our connections in the fashion world help us source affordable (often non-union) female and male models, makeup artists, and hair stylists to complete any project.

So whether you’re promoting an original clothing line, your custom jewelry, or a trendy hair salon, we can help create the fashion photos you need, within your budget. Contact us to learn more or schedule a shoot!