Photo Restoration Toronto

The digital photo retouching team at Walden expertly restores old photographs and enhances images.

Restoring memories

Have a family heirloom photograph that’s been damaged by wear, fading, water, rips or creases? Our Photoshop experts can help! Starting with your file, or a high-resolution scan of your print, we’ll correct problems, add or remove elements, and work our digital magic to carefully recreate the original image.

Just email us the file, or drop into our office with your print, and we’ll supply a quote for our photo restoration services.

Expert photo retouching

Were your once-in-a-lifetime wedding pictures a disappointment because of poor composition, colouring or lighting? Or do you have a product photograph, business portrait, or other marketing image that could benefit from professional retouching? You’ll be amazed at how good we can make your photos look.

Whether a single photograph needs minor alterations, or an entirely new composite picture is required – seamlessly layering sections from many photos – Walden has the experience and technology needed to produce the perfect image. Contact us to learn more!