SEO Toronto

Walden provides expert search engine optimization (SEO) services to help your website get recommended by Google and the other major search engines.

Your SEO company in Toronto

A primary concern for any business is whether their website can be found by potential clients searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ask. That’s why effective SEO from Walden is essential. We’ve been optimizing our clients’ websites for over 15 years with great success – many of our clients have the top-ranked site in their field. And at Walden, search engine optimization is a one-time moderately-priced service, not an on-going expensive scam. Since almost 75% of Canadians use or as their primary search engine, your website’s ranking in Google can make a huge difference to your company’s bottom line.

That ranking is determined by a complex, secret algorithm that Google updates almost daily. In the past, getting a top Google placement could be achieved through keyword stuffing and a large number of inbound links from any source. But that’s no longer the case. Now, among over 200 other factors, it’s essential your site is viewable on all devices, has useful, original content that’s highly related to specific search phrases, a low bounce rate, and inbound links from quality sources.

How we improve your website ranking

A responsive design site from Walden works optimally on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Our SEO-trained copywriters will perform keyword research to determine exactly what phrases your potential customers are using, and help write the text on your website – so it incorporates a desired phrase in the best way – without keyword stuffing. We’ll also review techniques to reduce your bounce rate (so visitors explore various sections of your site and not just bounce out after viewing a single page), and help you work on strategies for improving the quality of your inbound links.

Together, these steps will go a long way toward getting your site to the top of the organic (unpaid) search results. We can then help you augment your organic placement with smart Google Adwords campaigns, and other strategies for increasing your website traffic.

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