SEM Toronto

Walden provides expert setup and management of Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and other pay-per-click search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, for our small business clients.

Google Adwords for small business

Most businesses benefit greatly from search engine marketing – running paid ads, on search engines like Google and Bing, to bring new customers to their websites. Unfortunately, we hear over and over from small business owners that tried Google Adwords on their own, then abandoned it after spending a lot of money – but not seeing the results.

That’s because the proper set up and maintenance of an SEM campaign is much more complex than it initially seems. It requires someone with expertise to define the ideal location, keywords, match types, and bids for your campaign, write compelling ads, and create and maintain a robust negative keyword list (making sure your ads are not generated by unwanted search terms).

For over a decade, the marketing gurus at Walden have been managing effective Google Adwords campaigns for a large number of clients. We understand small business, and will ensure you get the best results possible from your investment.

My website has SEO, do I still need SEM?

It’s sometimes hard for business owners to understand, but the vast majority of money you can make from your website is through paid ads – NOT organic (free) placement. Let’s say you’re a plumber and your website is optimized for a term like “Toronto Plumber”. It’s impossible to also optimize your site for the huge number of other search terms potential customers enter though, such as “Plumbing Services”, “Flood Emergency”, or “Broken Pipes”. In those cases, without paid ads generated by those terms your site wouldn’t be seen, and you’d lose that business to a competitor.

That’s why, for most small businesses, the combination of SEO and SEM from Walden is the best solution. Plus, at Walden, your only expense is our work in setting up and occasionally maintaining your campaigns. You pay the search engines directly for your clicks, so there’s no big surcharge.

Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more about how search engine marketing can help your small business thrive.