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Recent Projects

Toronto Animation Studios

Need a short animated video to demonstrate a concept? Or want to see your logo come to life? The animators at Walden can make it happen affordably!

Website animation: JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 or Flash?

Most website animation was previously done in Flash, but since Flash isn’t supported by some mobile devices, web animations are now coded in JavaScript, CSS3 or HTML5.

If your website still has Flash elements, we can often convert them to HTML5 inexpensively. And since these newer protocols support integrated vector graphics, file sizes can still be kept small to ensure animations load quickly on the page.

Other animation applications

Working with our team of graphic designers, illustrators, Photoshop experts, and video editors, our animators have produced stand-alone games, animated product demonstrations, custom greeting cards that move, interactive mall kiosk displays, and flip-books.

If you have an idea for an animation, we invite you to schedule a free consultation at our studio to discuss the details. Our team will determine exactly what you need, and the most cost-effective way of producing the result. Contact us!