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Walden: Graphic Design in Toronto

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Welcome! Walden is a Toronto design agency that provides affordable graphic design, web design and corporate photography services. Since 2000, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses* thrive. So, how can we help you today?

Graphic Design in Toronto

Need an effective logo design? Maybe a compelling brochure design? Or a great package design? Generally, our talented graphic designers and illustrators can create whatever your business might need. This includes graphic designing everything from business cards and PowerPoint presentations, through to print ads and trade show displays. In other words, you can count on us for ALL your marketing materials.

Web Design Services

Certainly, every business today needs a mobile-friendly website design. Above all, you’ll want your site to be easily found and connect with your target audience. So, our team of web designers, web developers and copywriters will work with you to make that happen. In addition, we have video producers, SEO experts and online marketers to assist as required. Want to check out some of our recent sites? Try these links: sistrumhealth.com, heddingtonhalloween.com and spectrumco.ca.

Corporate Photography Services

Do you need great pics for your website or social media? Because, we offer a variety of photo services in our downtown studio (on Queen Street East), or at your location. Such as, corporate headshots, product photography, and food photography. We can also work our magic to create composite images (for example, placing your product into a stock photo background). Similarly, we restore damaged photographs (a big hit for family gifts).

Choose Walden As Your Toronto Design Agency!

Specifically, we invite you to schedule a free consultation at our Queen Street office. Together, we’ll discuss options, within your budget, for making  your company grow. Contact us!

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*We assist companies of every size, from home-based start-ups to large multinational corporations. But we’re best known as Toronto’s small business marketing experts.

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Got a minute? Learn about Walden!

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— Three things about Walden —

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[sf_iconbox image=” character=’1′ type=’standard’ title=’Quality’ animation=’pop-up’ animation_delay=’1′]We stand behind everything we do. To be sure, if something isn’t perfect, we’ll make it right.[/sf_iconbox]

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[sf_iconbox image=” character=’2′ type=’standard’ title=’Fair Prices’ animation=’pop-up’ animation_delay=’0′]We charge a moderate hourly rate (far below ad agency prices) for all our services. And we don’t add big surcharges to expenses.[/sf_iconbox]

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[sf_iconbox image=” character=’3′ type=’standard’ title=’Punctuality’ animation=’pop-up’ animation_delay=’0′]Small projects are often completed within two days. In particular, if you have a deadline, we’ll make it![/sf_iconbox]

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For almost 20 years, owner Bruce Walden and the Walden team have developed strategic, creative, and affordable marketing materials for Toronto small businesses.

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