IntraSITE Search™:
Walden's Free “Search Within Site” Engine!

Want to give visitors the ability to search within your website? Until now, to provide a custom site search you’d have to pay a yearly fee (to a company like Google), or display unwanted advertising. No more! Walden is giving away IntraSITE Search, our internal site search engine for any static website up to 300 pages. With IntraSITE Search, a visitor enters a desired term into the website search window. In moments, a box appears listing page links in order of relevancy. It’s active on our site, so give it a try!

IntraSITE Search works through a PHP script and accompanying AJAX system written by programmer Aaron Gough. To put our free website search tool to work on your site, just download the zipped file package. Unzip, then upload the provided files to the same directory as your website and follow the instructions for easy configuration. Questions? Visit IntraSITE Search Support!

We’re proud of the unique “search within site” solution we've created. We hope you find it as useful as our Toronto small business clients do!

Search engine logo by Toronto graphic designer