Marketing Small Companies -
Toronto Marketing Firms vs. Walden

Walden is the small Toronto marketing company for other small companies. Toronto marketing firms (agencies) typically focus on big corporations. Although we do have some large clients, we primarily assist hundreds of small companies in Toronto. Marketing firms across the city also rarely provide the wide range of services we offer in-house – from logo and packaging design, through to web development, search engine optimization and product photography. With our vast small business experience, we can also help small companies create Toronto marketing plans that make sense on limited budgets.

Larger agencies (Toronto marketing companies or ad firms) may boast impressive corporate client lists. We do work for recognizable brands as well, such as Cuisinart, RBC, Colleges Ontario, and Newman’s Own. But we’re even more proud of the numerous small companies we’ve helped thrive since 2000, through well-optimized websites, effective brochures, and smart internet marketing. Toronto firms of all sizes also appreciate our more modest rates!

Want to know more about an affordable one-stop shop that helps market small businesses? Schedule a free consultation with our company. Toronto marketing agencies are not all alike!