Our Policies

We stand behind everything we do. If something isn't perfect, we'll make it right.

Projects are done on time. Small projects are often completed within two days. If you have a deadline, we'll make it!

Fair Prices
We know what it's like to make ends meet in a small business. So we only charge a moderate hourly rate (far below ad agency prices) for all our services, and we don't add big surcharges to expenses.

Free Consultations & Estimates Upon Request
Come in and meet with us to discuss your business, your target market and your goals. Once we understand the full scope of a project, we’ll provide an accurate estimate on the first draft.

We're not interested in making a quick buck. We'll treat your company like it was our own, because we plan to be your marketing partner for years to come. In return, we hope you'll refer others to us.

Policies for Toronto marketing company